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Trailer Mounted Construction Hoist
Trailer Mounted Construction Elevator
product description

These hoists are trailer mounted and self-erecting, so they can be moved from one location to another quickly and easily. Their operation is simple; a hydraulically powered winch extends and retracts the ladders to the desired height and another winch raises and lowers a carriage, which runs on the ladders. The carriage can take a variety of platforms and has a safe working load of 250kg. The popular tipping carriage allows easy access to the platform without compromising the edge protection. Heights of up to 23m can be achieved with the machines in our hire fleet. A Honda engine powers the hydraulics but for confined spaces and noise sensitive environments, an electric motor can be specified.

Features & Benefits:

  • Extremely low clearance width and height thanks to a compact design
  • Easy manoeuvrable on-site with a dead weight of only 750 kg
  • Minimum space needed due to a low on-site floor of only 4.6 m²
  • Working radius of 360 degrees thanks to full-circle adjustable turntable lock
  • Highest level of reliability and operating comfort even for untrained personnel thanks to tried and tested simple control technology
  • Short assembly times due to hydraulic raising and/or extending of the rails and easily extendable crank support

Types of Hoist we Offer:

Böcker Simply Construction Lift:

  • Lifting height up to 20.8 m
  • Max. payload 250 kg
  • Max. speed 28 m/min
  • Powerful petrol or electric motors
  • Only 4.6 m² footprint, therefore suitable for use in very confined spaces

Böcker Junior Construction Lift:

  • Lifting height up to 24 m
  • Max. payload 250 kg
  • Max. speed 48 m/min
  • Powerful petrol or electric motors
  • Very easy to manoeuvre thanks to its low weight

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